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"Pocket Wi-Fi, Basic Phone" Rental for phone calls and high speed LTE internet access in Japan.

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Basic Phone


Simple and Competitive pricing. Unlimited call.


・Free domestic calls
・No data available

Pocket Wi-Fi


Connect up to 10 devices on 4G LTE.


・Recommended for heavy usage
・High speed LTE internet access
・Unlimited data usage


Insurance Claims

Insurance deductible for Damage/Lost/Stolen will be reduced or exempt by Insurance.

Device Deductible Lite Insurance Full Insurance
Pocket Wi-Fi/Basic Phone replacement: Damage/Lost/Stolen $400 (100%) $80 (20%) $0 (0%)
Pocket Wi-Fi/Basic Phone repair: Damage $200 (100%) $40 (20%) $0 (0%)
Battery Charger/Other Options Damage/Lost/Stolen $30 (100%) $6 (20%) $0 (0%)

Pricing options

Device, Insurance, Call rate

Device Rental Rate Insurance Call Rate
Lite Full Domestic Call International Call Domestic SMS International SMS
Pocket Wi-Fi $8/Day $2/Day $4/Day
Basic Phone $5/Day $1/Day $2/Day Free $1.5/Min(to USA) $0.25/Msg $1.5/Msg(to USA)

Total Price

Total Price = Required + Required + Optional + Call/SMS Charges
Payment Amount Shipping($9.99) Rental rate Insurance Fee/Other Call rate
Prices determined when ordered
Prices determined after return

Accepted Credit Cards

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